Volcano Types.

Today I learned  more about Volcanoes.I  learned about Volcano Types there are three Types of Volcanoes shield Volcanoes, cinder cone Volcanoes and composit Volcanoes.Fun fact  cinder cone Volcanoes are easier to erode than composit Volcanoes and  shield Volcanoes.


Minecraft Modding!

****This whole week I have been making more of Mymod, (Mods short for modifications are anything that changes Minecraft’s game content from what it originally was). I have made Three swords, Three  pickaxes, six Blocks,  Three biomes, and two mobs.biomes, which are like habitats. Some creatures can only spawn in a certain biome,(Mobs are short for mobile entity).my mobs where called the Ruby Chicken and King Threed. The language I use is called java.

Youth Digital PICTHER


MOD POINTS 8.1 TO 10.1